Frequently Asked Questions

We receive queries everyday about Microsoft Access database corruption. For your convenience we have compiled a selection of the most frequently asked questions with straight forward answers. We want to offer you the best possible solution to your data corruption.

How soon can I get my data back?

Your Free Recovery Report, sent to you via email as soon as we have analyzed your data, will detail exactly what our technicians are able to recover for you. If you are completely satisfied with our analysis and quote and want to go ahead with the recovery we can begin the process immediately on receipt of payment. In most cases we can complete a full recovery in 1 hour.

Can you recover all of my files?

In most cases our team can recover 100% of corrupt data. Your Free Recovery Report will outline which data can be fully retrieved. Corrupt data may take the form of Macros and modules. Tables, Forms and Reports. In very few cases some data may be beyond recovery.

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Will the recovery be expensive?

We issue quotes based on the level of corruption your data has suffered. Our prices are kept as low as possible. You are not under any obligation to use our services after we have quoted the cost of recovery.

Will my files be kept secure?

We always ensure our customers that all data is kept 100% secure whilst using our services.

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